Mirto Shirts Birmingham

MIRTO was created in 1956 with the aim of creating shirts for the contemporary man. Nowadays it’s actually a leading brand in its sector that outstands for the designs and the flawless quality of its products.

Mirto Shirts Birmingham

Distinctive textiles, at the leading edge in patterns and models, technological advances along with the best artisan know-how combine in a collection of shirts that covers high range designs, formal dress wear to more casual shirts for leisure time.

Mirto Shirts in Birmingham

Each season a thoughtful collection of fabrics, coming from the highest quality producers in the world, represent raw material for making each and every shirt. In excess of 17 various components of cloth will be needing at least 70 operations managed separately throughout the manufacturing process.

Materials are cut and married with detail and the various parts are sown together employing 7 stitches per cm. Lastly each and every shirt is examined, pressed, folded and packaged with painstaking attention to detail. So are combined during the industrial process the most up-to-date technology and the best artisan know-how.
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