Men's Shirts Collar Types

Nowadays there are not merely spread collars than medium spreads not to mention extreme spreads, as well as button-down collars then again shortened button-down collars and also short, rounded collars.

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You will discover button-down shirts intended to be worn together with suits and ties, customarily a no-no.

Kent Collar Style Classic

The Kent collar, given its name after the Duke of Kent, exemplifies the classic look. This is actually the first choice collar particularly in conjunction with a formal and cultivated business outfit..

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New Kent Collar Style Versatile

This particular stylish, elegant shape is a manifestation of a mixture of Kent and cutaway. With the New Kent collar, you’re going to be suitably dressed for just about any occasion, and then any tie knot could be combined with it.

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Italian Kent Collar Style Youthful

The smaller version of the classic Kent collar is especially popular. It looks perfect whenever worn together with a narrow tie and then a small tie knot.

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Cutaway Collar Style Fashionable

This collar style gets its name from its characteristically flared appearance. Additionally, it’s known as the ‘spread collar’. The wide distance between the collar wings allows an adequate amount of space for a substantial tie knot.

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Button Down Collar Style Sporty

The button-down establishes a sporty tone and helps ensure a dapper appearance, possibly even without a tie. The actual collar ends are each fixed with a button – a fantastic creation of British polo players to ensure the collar preserves it shape when riding straight into the wind.

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Snap Tab Collar Style Extravagant

The elegant tab collar promises a perfect fit: the collar wings are held together under the tie knot by means of an additional strip of fabric with a press stud. It should always be worn with a tie.

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Wing Collar Style Elegant

The collar for the formal suit as well as dinner jacket/tuxedo is the most suitable worn with a bow tie. Merely the points of this high collar happen to be turned downwards, leaving the tie around it entirely noticeable.

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The all around slimming down of the menswear outline necessitates smaller sized collars. Creative designers likewise have been pushing clothes which fall somewhere in the middle of work wear plus casual wear, together with adding more collar options along the way.

The advantages guys have more different options to convey personal style by means of their shirts as compared with colour and pattern. The side effects men that would like to select the appropriate collar intended for everyday or perhaps special-occasion events may need a little help, If that is the case please feel free to ask the staff at Edge Menswear.

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